1st tech posting of the year – My iPhones apps

Well since I spend most of my ‘work’ time on SharePoint I wanted to deviate a bit at least for this post. As it turns out I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy. I’m convinced you should use the best tools for what ever that task.

For my personal phone I use the iPhone. Here are some of apps I use and would recommend. I’ll skip the standard apps that come with the phone. They are like most Apple applications and best in class.

My favorite 3rd party iPhone apps:

  • TweetDeck (free, Twitter app)
  • Facebook (free, Facebook app)
  • OrbMedia (Pay, media stream app)
  • AppBox Pro (pay, swiss army app)
  • Evernote (free, note keeping app)
  • ScoreCenter (free, sports tracking app)
  • GPS Drive (free/pay, GPS app)
  • Demotivation (free, funny pics app)
  • Epic Fail (free, funny pics app)

While this is not a complete listing of all my iPhone apps these are the ones I use on a fairly regular basis. Take a look at them in iTunes.

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