The Meaning of a Window Administrator

Many times working in the computer industry it can seem like a vast mystery to those outside of the field. You or I may easily point to programmer and say how different that field is from what an administrator might do. This is to say that you or I haven’t dealt with coding issues but it’s usually a pretty big […]

SQL truncate logs

Some time when we get into a bind because of neglect or ignorance we have to rely on alternative methods to the normal GUI methods. One of these situation included when I had a computer with SQL server melt down on me because of the size of it’s transaction logs. As you may or may not know a grossly large […]

Drive mapping in Terminal services part 2

This is one of those quirky issue that will not go away. As we noted in my steps from an earlier post Drive mapping in Terminal services this should have let your user be able to connect via an RDP session and use the clinet mapped drives. As some you have noted this doesn’t always work. I’ve done a bit […]

Identify an Isolated IIS FTP site

As I have come to notice alot of times there are too many chefs in the administration kitchen. Often there are requests that are filled but never documented. In such cases it is always best to check an environment out before you start to make changes of your own. In one particular instance manipulating FTP sites in IIS 6.0 can […]