Add New Distribution List to Exchange 2007

One of the most common questions when someone starts to use Exchange 2007 is how to a distribution List.

The first step is to open the Exchange Management Console. Once you open the console you will need to select the recipient Configuration by following the tree on the left panel as follows: Microsoft Exchange>Recipient Configuration.

Exchange Management Console

On the right side pane select appropriate option ‘New Distribution Group’. Select ‘Next’ in the introduction screen.  Add the need name and remaining fields will auto populate as seen below.

New Distribution List group name screen

Click ‘next’, ‘new’, and Finish. Once this finish you will have your new distribution list, but it will not have any members.
To add members select the target distribution list and click the ‘properties’ option on the right-hand pane.

Distribution List Property Selection

In the Properties Box for the Distribution List you can edit the email address of the list and add users by selecting the appropriate tab I’ve highlighted below.

Distrbution List Properties


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