Add New Mailbox to Exchange 2007

One of the most common questions when someone starts to use Exchange 2007 is how to add accounts. Exchange 2007 tightly integrates with the Active Directory (AD) environment.

The first step is to open the Exchange Management Console. Once you open the console you will need to select the recipient Configuration by following the tree on the left panel as follows: Microsoft Exchange>Recipient Configuration.

Exchange Management Console

On the right side pane select appropriate option ‘New Mailbox’ or ‘New Mail User’.

  • New Mailbox: Use this option to create a new mailbox and AD user
  • New Mail User: Use this option to create a new mailbox for an existing AD user

We will select ‘New Mailbox’ and then select ‘User Mailbox’ as shown here.

New Mailbox screen

Press Next, radio option ‘New user’, and Next.

Enter the appropriate new user information as needed.

New Mailbox User creation

Select Next and select your Exchange database which is normally in the ‘first storage group’ as shown below.

New Mailbox settings

Select New and Finish.

Once this is completed you now have a new AD user account with an attached exchange mailbox as seen below.

One thing to note is that even though the mailbox is created it won’t be ready to receive mail until you log into the mailbox at least once.


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