Adding Active Directory Accounts to SharePoint 2010

In my previous post ‘Adding Active Directory Accounts to SharePoint‘ I outlined how you can first create AD accounts then add them to SharePoint 2007. Since the AD portion still stays the same this will outline how to add users to your SharePoint instance.

Log onto your server with appropriate administrator right to add SharePoint accounts and click: Site Actions>Site Settings>Users and Permissions>People and groups. You will land in the ‘Visitors’ group page.

People and Groups Visitor Page

We can see that by default we land into the ‘Visitors’ group. By default there are three groups in a SharePoint site.

  • Members: This group can add/delete thier own content to the SharePoint site
  • Visitors: This group can only read from the SharePoint site
  • Owners: This is can add/delete all content and perform some administrative functionality

To add our existing AD account select the appropriate group and press ‘New’. Add in the appropriate user account information.

Grant Permission screen

From this windows you can options you can select and press OK:

  • add account
  • Initial E-Mail greeting

If you need to grant direct permissions outside of a group go to Site Actions->Site Permissions->Grant Permissions

You now have a AD account that is part of your SharePoint site.


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