Using Pelican Themes on Windows

As I’m figuring out the Pelican blogging platform one of the first things I wanted to do was learn how to change the theme. The easiest way to accomplish this is to leverage the git system on the Windows workstation and then make Pelican aware that they exist. In case you don’t already have Git installed on your workstation here […]

Moving Forward and Experimenting

I’m experimenting with the Pelican blogging platform. A natural question is why use this over a well established platform like WordPress? My answer is two-fold…. First, it is minimal and fast. While the features in WordPress are great I just don’t use any of them to any great extent. I won’t complain about the sheer number of plug-ins, because in […]

Missing WGET in Mavericks Mac

I ran in to an odd problem where I was creating a script to update my dynamic DNS to Amazon’s Route 53. In the script I found online it used the WGET command. In Mavericks the WGET doesn’t seem to exist so I found that CURL was still installed. I managed to find this… Source: