MySQL not loading in PHP on Windows

There seems to be bug in MySQL 5.0.41. I stumbled across this when I tried to install a new isntallation of wordpress with the up to date versions I keeps getting a message “cannot load MySQL extension, please check PHP Configuration”. You can verify this also by running the following command: “php -m”. If you recieve a message lett ing […]

MySQL backup for a Windows Administrator

As a windows Administrator we are asked to deal many varying technologies. Not all of them are native to the Windows platform, but are rather ports from the Linux world. While in most cases we are not asked to generally do nothing more than install and let the customer then customize as they see fit every once and a while […]

Drive mapping in Terminal services

Today a client asked how they could drag and drop files when connecting to their Windows 2003 server. I responded with the normal, “you can do this by connecting to your FTP server on a Windows server…”. They were not thrilled. When dealing with a wide variety of clients you run the gambit of skill levels and effort. Generally, they […]

MySQL change root password for Windows

In a shared environment you are asked to tackle many strange tasks and not so strange tasks. Among my many common tasks that I’m asked to look into is management of MySQL on a windows platform. While there are plenty of instructions on how to manage MySQL in a linux environment there are little such documentation for a Windows platform. […]

PHP POST coding issues

As a system administrator you deal with many technologies. Alot of the times you don’t feel like you have a total grasp as you feel you should to properly should in order to be an effective adminstrator. For me this is PHP. While it has been around a while this particular technology is usually in the realm of the web […]