Firefox parameter lookups

Hi all. I’m a great fan of Firefox. While I know that Microsoft has tried to replicate many of the features I believe that Firefox has managed to keep one step ahead of them. Among one of the great features is the ability to use parametrized shortcuts. As an simple example let say you perform whois lookups from Network Solutions. Create a bookmark in Firefox with these parmeters:

  • Name:Network Solution Whois lookup
  • Location:
  • Keyword: whois

Now when you need to run your next whois on the domain type the following into your toolbar: “whois“. Go ahead try it out if you find yourself repeated returing to a specific website for information and would like to speed up your work flow. The key is the “%s” in your location string. Later on I’ll write about more exotic example but this has helped me a great deal already. There as some example of this on the Internet, try the Mozilla/Firefox Custom Keywords Directory. I hope that this helps you out.

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