How to copy/move SharePoint items

When you want to move things around in SharePoint sometimes it isn’t as obvious as it should be. SharePoint is full of lists. A list does this, a list does that, and we see each of those list differently. For our example we will use a Task list. The task list is just that a list with column names that make sense for tasks. Some of these columns are:

  • Title
  • Predecessors
  • Priority
  • Start Date
  • Due Date

So now that we understand ‘a list is a list’ how do we move it? We you can’t move the task list structure but you can move items within the particular task list.

Let say we have an existing task list in our root SharePoint site but we want to move it to your new task list in our new team SubSite.

Home Task Screen

As we can see above This is our Home site task list populated with 3 tasks. To move or copy these tasks items with all the associated metadata you will need to do some behind the screen trickery. First copy your URL which should look something like:

  • http://demo/sites/testsite/Lists/Tasks/AllItems.aspx

Then changes it by adding the following ,”/_Layouts/sitemanager.aspx

  • http://demo/sites/testsite/_Layouts/sitemanager.aspx

This will get you into the Site Settings>Site Content and Structure page.

Site Content and Structure Page

As you can see above I have already selected the task items I want to copy/move and select the ‘actions’ menu.

Move Screen

Once the copy/move webpage dialog comes up I can then select the appropriate destination.

Destination Task List

Note: this action will require that you have SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature activated.

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