Mac and SharePoint Series: Can I Open that Document?

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Mac and SharePoint Series: Can I Open that Document?

Working around SharePoint I get many questions as to why I would even bother with a Mac. My answer to them is simple…

I work with what ever tools best suit my needs….

Does this mean that Macs are the best platform for SharePoint administration? The answer is a resounding NO!!!! What I have found is that even in a sea of Windows users with their Sonys, Dells, Lenovos there are always a small but unrepentant minority who will never give up their Macs. For me and the way I use computers Mac is by far the best tool. To answer your next question yes I have an iPhone and an iPad. I’m a gadget geek and Apple by far satisfies that monster within who want to buy every single new gadget.  So am I a hard core rabid fan? No, not quite. I still work and spend a large part of my career in the Windows platform space. I’m a happy man torn between two worlds. In short I’m trying to get my cake and eat it.

Some times it works great other times its a pain…

…Take my recent pain of SharePoint 2007. Luckily I spent almost all of my time on the infrastructure side of SharePoint 2007 so the pain was only a dull nail throbbing in my brain. Bearable, but not optimal to say the least.

…Then SharePoint 2010 came on the scene and WOW!!! it had cross compatibility!!! ohhhh…. ahhhh….

Then I quickly came to senses. This was Microsoft after all. The only thing I could do was wait with bated breath, and see what came of this whole situation.

Now that SharePoint 2010 has been out for a while and Office 2011 for Mac is now out I wanted to put some pen to paper and give you some observations.

So in short this is a start to my series about my relationship with SharePoint 2010 through the eyes of Mac user.

Email your thoughts or suggestions on what you would like to see. I’m willing to listen, and no I won’t buy your miracle pill. (thats for all you spammers out there)


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