Mac and SharePoint Series: Excel 2011

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Mac and SharePoint Series: Excel 2011

In a twist of fate I work in the information technology field, but do very little work in Excel. In short my experience with Excel stops at about AutoSum. I did at least want to take a look at it, and see what it had to offer in the way of SharePoint 2010.

Working in a new Excel document I noted a few things. If you open a new Excel document you can save it directly to SharePoint (or even SkyDrive).

Excel save to SharePoint menu

Which opens this dialog box…

Excel save Dialog box

If you have never added any SharePoint sites to Excel this of course will be empty. Oddly, any sites saved in your Microsoft Document Connection will not show up here either. It would have been nice if they would communicate between each other so you would not have to add they entry twice.

The action to add a SharePoint site is fairly straight forward. Click ‘+’ to add and another dialog box will open so you can enter in the SharePoint site. Excel will ask to use your Mac’s keychain which you will have to ‘allow’ or ‘always allow’.

You can not add the base site collection URL as noted below.

Add site error

Adding in SharePoint Doument library URL ‘ Documents’ will work. After that is complete we can specify a name and click ‘Save’.

Excel Completed Upload

As we can see in the SharePoint site all appropriate Metadata is tagged.

Now that we have uploaded the Excel worksheet to SharePoint its easy to open it again. We can open it directly from SharePoint.

Excel open from SharePoint

We can even open it from our Excel client on the mac via ‘file\open recent’ file menu.

Excel Open recent menu

Here I’m showing the file menu command and the ‘Excel Workbook Gallery’ when you select ‘more…’ (note the where link in the gallery).


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