Missing People results in SharePoint Search

I had a recent customer question as to why when doing a search in SharePoint no people results were being returned. I first checked to make sure it was SharePoint 2010 server Standard or Enterprise level.

Next, I could see search was returning some results. At least that showed that search was working.

Looking at it a bit more I realized that the search was being preformed from the typical search from the default team site collection.


Out of the box that will not return any people results. Searching for ‘Shawn’ returned nothing.


So, I tried a couple other common names, Bill, Jeff, Mary, etc… You get the idea. Nothing was being returned. They might not have a Shawn in their organization. Sad by true….

Next, I created an Enterprise Search Center…
Site Actions>New Site>Enterprise tab>Enterprise Search Center

The linked looked like https://intranet.The company.com/peoplesearch

I ran a search in the Search center specifying the people tab and nothing was returned.



Lets go check SharePoint Search Service Application. By default when search SA  is provision it will try and help you by creating a ‘Local SharePoint sites’ content source.

In the Start Addresses section everything looked okay. I had the following entries…

  • https://intranet.The company.com
  • sps3://intranet.The company.com

Well I first noted that there was a HTTPS entry. SharePoint search sometimes doesn’t play well with HTTPS so I always suggest building the default site zone as HTTP and then extending it to HTTPS as needed. That wasn’t my problem though…

After fiddling with it again I went back and saw my problem…

sps3:// protocol! the sps3 protocol was searching the default zone which was HTTPS. I changed it to sps3s:// and ran a full crawl.




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