Moving 'My Sites' in SharePoint to a sub-site

I recently ran across this senerio where a client who has Micrsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Standard was not able to create an additioanl DNS entry for the ‘my sites’ to work as designed but they wanted that functionality.

As an example the domain that will will call ‘’ could not create ‘<username>’ so that my sites will work as expecte d. In this type of limitation you can use the my site as a sub-site like ‘<username>’.

This type is movement is also useful if you don’t want to share my sites functionality across different SSPs. In a typical SharePoint installation my sites is shared among different SSPs.

Take these steps:

1. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Define Managed Paths
a. In path add ‘mysite’, change type ‘Explicit inclusion’, and click OK
b. In path add ‘personal’, change type ‘Wildcard inclusion, and click OK

2. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Create Site Collection
a. Change the web application to your web application as in our example it will be ‘’
b. In Title type ‘MysitePage”, in URL drop down select ‘mysite’, in select a tempalte select ‘entrprise->my site host’, click OK

3. Go to Shared Services Administration >(your SSP) > My Site Settings
a. Change Personal site provider to ‘’
b. change location to ‘personal’
c. click OK

Chris Johnson’s page notes that any existing mysites will be lost and recreated unless you use the STSADM command line to move them into your new location.

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