My adventure away from computers when organizing

I suppose what I should say is that I used technology as a crutch. A crutch to help me in my daily life whether it was personal, or work, related. In the technology field this came to be a logical progression for me. My love affair with technology inspired organization started back with the Palm Pilot…

Let us not forget the input style I was so desperate to use that I changed my entire handwriting style… Graffiti….

For many years afterward my F’s never looked quite right. Now where am I at? I’m back to a paper based system. I will have to admit I do have better retention than ever did with any electronic system. I’ve read before that the act of physically writing any piece of information cements it better in your head. I even tried my hand at using the iPad with various handwriting apps. While they were great they never were abel to capture the information and retention when using a paper based system.

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