MySQL backup for a Windows Administrator

As a windows Administrator we are asked to deal many varying technologies. Not all of them are native to the Windows platform, but are rather ports from the Linux world. While in most cases we are not asked to generally do nothing more than install and let the customer then customize as they see fit every once and a while your are asked to make backups for various reasons.

It is important to understand much like MS SQL, MySQL uses live data files that are constantly open. While there are some good choices in the MS SQL world for live backups the same can’t be said for MySQL. Therefore it is essential to create a flat file that most backup programs can store in case of emergencies.

I will step through creating a full MySQL database back up via an external program called ‘mysqldump’. The action is often referred to as a data dump. Using this technique not only creates a backup of your data but the associated structures that the data is held in. This makes it very easy to move in case such an even is needed.

Problem: create a complete flat file backup for MySQL

Fix: Open a command line window. type the following command: ‘ –opt –user=root mysqldump –all-databases > backup.sql’

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