Missing WGET in Mavericks Mac

I ran in to an odd problem where I was creating a script to update my dynamic DNS to Amazon’s Route 53. In the script I found online it used the WGET command. In Mavericks the WGET doesn’t seem to exist so I found that CURL was still installed. I managed to find this… Source: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/2900/get-your-external-ip-address

SharePoint Saturday New York City

Each one of the fantastic events have yet to disappoint me. The team that put together for SharePoint Saturday NYC did a great job. I’m happy to have had a fantastic audience asking engaging questions. All around a great trip me and great even for SharePoint attendees. We did run out of time, so I didn’t even get into the demo (sorry I talk a lot).

SharePoint Fest Denver 2013

I’m very happy that the good folks over at SharePoint Fest have accepted two of my sessions at this great conference. Come out and listen to all the great sessions. SharePoint Fest Denver SharePoint Fest Agenda My session 1: SIA 101 – SharePoint Out of the Box Content Recovery, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability options My session 2: SIA 202 – The […]