PHP POST coding issues

As a system administrator you deal with many technologies. Alot of the times you don’t feel like you have a total grasp as you feel you should to properly should in order to be an effective adminstrator. For me this is PHP. While it has been around a while this particular technology is usually in the realm of the web developer. As in most things it does require adminsitrtors to know at least some things when the delevoper gets stuck on a particular problem.

In my case it was a PHP POST problem. When the devleoper moved thier code to a new Windows box. They ran across a stange problem. They couldn’t make post statements from thier form page into a resulting post page. As it had worked before the natural path was to blame the system and not the code.

The solution turned out to be a mixture of both. In previous default installation the PHP.ini variable register_globals was set to true. In a new PHP installation this is set to false.  While it could be argues that it was a system problem or a coding issue in the end it really doesn’t matter to the client. just as long as it working.

Problem: POST not working in PHP
Solution: Set PHP.ini variable register_globals to true.

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