Remember Me?

Well I am back. I’ve been out of this and many other personal projects for what, to me, seems way to long. I took on a large project that consumed most of my time and energy. Now that it has smoothed out I feel my feet coming back under me. The project has been a whirlwind of pain, frustration, accomplishment, and learning.

As with most projects of any consequence it is large and/or complex. Complexity is a curious thing when we talk about SharePoint. Does a sheer size a farm make it complex? Adding in Project? OWA make it complex? Deploying SharePoint Application farms? In SharePoint the answer can be: yes and no. In my latest project it was all of those pieces that have to be juggled to keep SharePoint alive and happy. From the complicating factors I believe that the size posed the greatest problem to this particular project.

As time goes on, and I get a chance to process what I’ve done, I’ll write it up to hopefully help you.

So in the end this all translates to… I’m back and lets talk some SharePoint.

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