SharePointFest Multi-Tenant Presentation

Hi Everyone,

thanks to everyone who came out. As promised this here is my links and slidedeck below. This is for my SharePointFest Chicago search presentation.

Microsoft: Hosting Environments for SharePoint 2010 Products
Rational Guide to Multi Tenancy with SharePoint 2010
SharePoint manager
ULS Viewer, for SharePoint 2010 Troubleshooting


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2 thoughts on “SharePointFest Multi-Tenant Presentation

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      What about farm deployed solutions in a multi-tenant environment?  Does the tenant model (using powershell) limit what site collections/web applications have available to them / what they can activate “see”?

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      Hi Tyler,
      The thing to understand is that when you install a farm solution it will most likely deploy as a feature. As an example I install XYZ’s WSP which is a custom webpart. That wepart is a feature. In a tenant environment features are built into feature packs. Since out newly installed feature is not part of our existing feature packs it will not appear in any site collection/web applications.

      Once you add the feature to the feature pack it will show up in the site collection that has a subscription associated with that feature pack. that way they you control what they ‘see’.

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