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It has been a while bu I’m back. Today’s topic covers how to build SharePoint using slipstream installation. Slipsteam installations allows for users to build installs with the latest services packs and cumulative update of their choosing. Please note that I will use Search Server Express and not the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS). Search Server express is an improved version of WSS 3.0. It includes searching capabilities missing in WSS 3.0.


Install SharePoint Search Server Express 2008 with service pack 2.


Download the latest version of Search Server Express at the following link to a common location.

Download service pack 2 at the following link to a common location.

Once you have downloaded the files you should have two separate files. You will need to extract the contents of each file so we can build the Slipstream installation. You will use the following convention from a command line.

<file> /extract:<extract location>

e.g. SearchServerExpress.exe /extract:c:\sharepoint\extract

Once you have extracted both files into different directories of your choosing. In the above example I chose to extract the Search Server Express to ‘c:\sharepoint\extract’. Within this extract you will find the ‘Updates’ folder. If you examine the updates folder you will see five files already there. These are the patch files that will add service pack 1 to our new Search Server installation. Copy the extracted files from the SP2 extract and place them into ‘Updates’ folder. Delete the Wsssetup.dll file from the ‘Updates’ folder.

Now you have a complete Slipstream installation of Search Server Express with SP2. You can add the latest cumulative update to the Slipstream install if you so choose by using the same procedure.

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