SQL profiler and workgroup dilemma

With the Launch of the newest version of SQL 2005 there are several new features of note and some missing components that you should be aware of. Microsoft has developed separate of its editions: express, workgroup, standard, and enterprise. I have noted several clients who choose workgroup as a less expensive alternative to standard edition. In most cases this is quite a suitable choice. After all the workgroup version contains many impressive features such a database size without limitations and the capable of running up to 3GB of RAM. All of these things come with some limitations. Chief among these of the absence of profiler and the database tuning advisor.

As a work around I have found you can run the critical SQL profiler from either a separate workstation or an existing SQL server with standard or enterprise editions. Use this piece of critical software to analyze your queries to fine tune your databases performance. Remember that the key values to note are duration and read times. I’ll write more in depth about these values at a later time.

The database advisor is unfortunately a neat feature that will still be out of your reach with the workgroup edition.

At the very least this will give you a good tool in your arsenal when trying to solve your SQL issues.

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