The Case of the Missing Blog Site Template

(And other missing templates)

I had this request from a customer to find out why they couldn’t create a blog subsite. He was trying to create a blog sub-site with the blog template built into SharePoint. I knew it was there somewhere because when we turned the over the SharePoint build to our customer it was there. So where did it go?

As I logged into the site and tried to create a sub-site using normal Site Actions>More Options...

Wow…Almost all the the templates were missing. There were only two templates available. So what happened? As I looked around I noticed that the SharePoint Server Publishing feature had been turned on. Ahhh at least a clue….

So as it turns out when you active the Publishing feature SharePoint assumes you will only use it as a forward facing Internet site. Meaning that it assumes you won’t need any extra site templates. They are there just hidden, or at least not turned on. Knowing that SharePoint Publishing added extra functionality I went back to the site settings and there was prize, Page Layouts and site templates. You will only see that particular link when publishing is turned on.So…

Site Actions>Site Settings>Look and Feel>Page Layouts and site templates

There are a couple things to note. The quick fix is to set the, 'Subsites can use any site template' option. You can also control which templates SharePoint level designers have access to create. That might be important. Consider what if you don’t want, or need, ‘Assets Web Database’ on your Internet site as an example. Also note the 'Reset all subsites to inherit these preferred subsite templates settings.'

I activated the missing site template, and it started to show in the options to create the needed subsite.

Case solved.


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