Using contig for single file defragmentation

From time to time you will need to use all available tools at your disposal. There are even times when you have to find a quick fix if not the a long term fix for a problem. The contig.exe is one such tool. You can download it from here. I ran across this particular tool when I have to gain access to a massive mailbox that had grown beyond normal sizes and consequently was also heavily fragmented. While normally I would use the build in Windows disk defragmentor in this case it would have taken to long, or even not been able to finish at all. This tool lets you analyze and fragment a single or group of files. Once I defragmented the single file I was able to open the target mailbox and start at least archiving unneeded messages. This can be used in any other situations as well to: a heavily fragmented database file, or even attempting to degragment DLL fiels for better performance.

Problem: How to defragment a single file
Fix: Download and copy the contig.exe file to your ‘/system32’ directory. open a command line windows and navigate to the directory that contains the file(s) you would like to defragment. type ‘contig <FILE(S)>’. IF you would like to see howdefragmented the file is you can use the ‘-a’ to analize your file in the following fashion: ‘contig -a <FILE(S)>’.

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